Aeon of Wonder, Volume I

 From the ancient Sumerians to the Egyptians to Rome. From the Hebrew Semitic peoples and more. This book encompasses fiction as mythos and mythos as Truth played out over a Grand Stage: the one we call Life. These works are the result of wonder and awe, looking at the world through an old lens, one that has not been so hampered by ones and zeroes and modern nomenclature. It seeks to prove nothing, only to invoke a moment of thought and, perhaps, wonder and awe at the world around us, this Grand Stage called Life.


Henderson is a brilliant and lyrical storyteller
Wow! Where to start? Mr. Henderson is a brilliant and lyrical storyteller! Beautifully crafted words in a collection of stories that are intriguing and compelling. Thoughtful reflection scream from these tales from the humorous, dry wit to the intense, interpretive suggestion akin to the Apocalypse of John in the book of Revelation. Well done Mr. Henderson! I look forward to more of your work!

Aeon is imaginative and much more than paranormal fiction!
How about a speeding busload of chills and thrills for a change? Read this book for a 3 hour cruise full of spooky fun and entertaining escapism. Be amazed by the subtle craftiness of how it makes you think about diverse spiritual memes of cause and effect. Is this Biblically inspired sci-fi or paranormal fiction? Looks like both! Very unique reading as the author has a lot going on and one can see great promise for more grand storytelling in the future! Enjoy this one since Aeon has fast paced action with profound signposts for those looking. Lots of creepy thrills and angels appearing suddenly. 6 different tales will weave together for the wise and give a sobering picture of the end times we are living in. Stories of angels, ancient supermen, mad scientists, crazy modern women, saving grace, and the power of forgiveness.Parents can safely buy for the great caveat tale about the dangers of ouija boards. Enjoy the snarky humor that makes fun of the FB culture, those ever oblivious to the true nature of our world. At last, a final frightful conclusion for the spiritually deaf, dumb and blind all around us, without any preaching— which leaves one rather stunned and scrambling for safety.

stars-4-0._V192240704_Fun, entertaining, and to me at least keeps it real.
I read the stories provided in the sample and didnt feel it was perfect but thats why I decided to buy it. I wasnt looking for perfection – I was looking for something written by someone like me, someone real and who isnt perfect. I may be overly critical and have been accused of that on more than one occasion, but at any rate, I look forward to reading more of the book. It is a fun and entertaining read.

A terrific book from a promising new novelist.
I laughed, I cried – and then I read Mr. Henderson’s book. But no, seriously, this is a very fine first book by a promising new novelist. I found it to be thought provoking, expansive, and at times mind-boggling. As a collection of tales, it makes a satisfying, easy read that is hard to put down. I hope to encounter more work from Mr. Henderson, soon.

Carey L. Henderson has been writing for over a decade. He kept his day job, however. Because the desire to be a starving artist never really appealed to him. He lives in the Deep South, USA, and spends most of his time when not at his day job either writing or reading. Obviously, he’s rather boring and you should read his books instead of this ‘about’ nonsense.

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