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The Internet (and the World) is Awash With Horrible Ideas

As Clint Eastwood has noted recently, “Don’t listen to anyone. Nobody knows diddly.” That includes this site. Don’t take any word I say for it, look for yourself: see, notice, observe; magic is all around us in tech form, but we don’t recognize it for what it is now, because our Hubris labeled it all “progress.”

On the one hand, there are the (credits to Unca Bob for the following phrase), the ‘Greek Alphabet Soup’ fellows: those who think that wolf-pack terms such as ‘Alpha’ and ‘beta’ have meaning beyond anything more than an oversimplified concept of the Male ideal. Not only are these idea silly, they are antithetic to the reality of what a truly decent man must engender in order to elevate himself beyond the childlike, which is a simple exhortation: love thy neighbor as thyself. A never-ending carousel of wanton sluts is no means by which a man-child graduates into manhood.

On the outset, ‘Game’ seems like something worthwhile to pursue. And, indeed…

The Book

After ten years of working on my writing craft, while keeping the day job, I have finally published my first anthology of short stories. Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00056]If you’ve been reading ‘Logical Progression of Madness,’ then you know precisely what to expect. This book is Volume I in a series I will write, all containing short stories that I myself would like to read but have never been able to find. I hope you enjoy the work as much I as did writing it.

stars-4-0._V192240704_Fun, entertaining, and to me at least keeps it real., November 2, 2015

I read the stories provided in the sample and didnt feel it was perfect but thats why I decided to buy it. I wasnt looking for perfection – I was looking for something written by someone like me, someone real and who isnt perfect. I may be overly critical and have been accused of that on more than one occasion, but at any rate, I look forward to reading more of the book. It is a fun and entertaining read.

A terrific book from a promising new novelist.
I laughed, I cried – and then I read Mr. Henderson’s book. But no, seriously, this is a very fine first book by a promising new novelist. I found it to be thought provoking, expansive, and at times mind-boggling. As a collection of tales, it makes a satisfying, easy read that is hard to put down. I hope to encounter more work from Mr. Henderson, soon.

Buy on Amazon.com now!

Other Stories

Cade is a man out of time. Almost eighteen years after his death, Cade’s oldest friend, Dr. Luke Caleb, brings him back to life in a synthetic body. The reason? Dr. Caleb has plans to supply weapons to the enemy, and he needed a guinea pig. Cade must find a way to convince his oldest friend not to help facilitate the most absurd war in the history of mankind.

Read episode one here

Superman: Here at the End of All Things.
Supes accidentally puts Evil on the throne. If you’re as tired of me of hearing all the clamor for a ‘dark’ Superman, this is the story for you. Read it here!

The Man


The Music

Below are a few songs I’ve recorded over the years. Written by me, played by me, except where otherwise stated.

Cover Designs

If you’re looking for a cover design for your novel, contact me. Prices start at $14.99 USD, payment is easy through PayPal.

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