You’re Still Talking About This, eh?

I stepped away from this whole internet opinion thing for some months now, just bored with the repetition. As I’ve come back to it I see the real problem: repeating the same things over and over again, though no one’s listening.

There are the MGTOW bunch, the Greek Alphabet Soup bunch, the apologists, the deniers, the apostates and the constantly-offended. This last category shows the depth of the issue between men and women: the males were trained to think like women. It shouldn’t matter if someone says you’re the devil if you’re not. Let them talk. Let them run their mouths. Ignore them. The internet is a cesspool of reactionary nonsense whereby we see an issue then immediately take to our browsers to fire off posts (like I’m doing now).

Are you not men, young males? Have you lost your chutzpah, or to quote Heath Ledger’s Joker, “What happened? ‘Yer balls drop off?”

See, like Joker, I know why so many have their group therapy sessions online. Fear. These young males are petrified of women. So the older males, many of whom share this fear, write things that have no bearing, offer no help, but those words gather up clicks, like click-bait does, and few are the wiser concerning the true motives of many of these writers online. But what is it you fear? Not getting laid? Being alone? Emotional bullets from women? What is it that you fear, Young Man?

You’d likely as well forget the Alphabet Soup, the PUA’s and the MGTOW crowd. They have agendas, much like the feminists. I suggest without humility at all that you put your phone, your tablet or your laptop down. Get off Facebook. Do not be silly and sign up for ‘men’s rights groups’ online. Men have the rights they are willing to take. No one gives a man rights, save God Himself. And if you look at His Word, He never intended for the male of the species to beg or plead for anything, save from Him. You get on your knees for God. Doing so (physically, spiritually or emotionally, by proxy or in real time) for anyone or anything else is irresponsible of you, Young Man. Forget these nuts online.

The post’s featured image is the game. Right now, girls just want to have fun. That’s all they want. So be wiser. Be smarter. Be stronger. Move on to something else in your life. If you have come to understand the backwards nature of our culture now, you see it and grasp the point, then it is time to move past reading yet another post on the futility of feminism. It will end itself, for that which cannot continue forever will not.

Relax, Young Man. Put the devices down. Go find things with meaning. It is unlikely you will find your meaning in trying to change this:



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