General and Not so Nonsense


I suddenly find myself—quite happily, I might add—with many new readers. I note that you are from all over the globe. I am somewhat stunned and most certainly honored by you showing up. I thank you.

I’ve been working on the next couple of episodes of ‘A Logical Progression of Madness,’ but as of yet am not happy with the results. I must admit to being a bit distracted. I’m in the process of writing a full novel. Today, I finished an interview concerning this novel with this cat, Felix the Fox. This site is new, but I want to encourage you to keep a close eye on it; I see this as a great idea. The interview will be published Dec. 11th, next month, and I look forward to it as it was interesting to get that far into one of my character’s head space.

At any rate, welcome again.