Hubris Begets Nemesis. Say Hello to Our Little Friends, Outrage and Denial

My politics lean right, of this there is no question. That being said, the current political climate is an absolute madhouse of lunacy on both sides, around the middle, and up both ends. The modern conservatives in power have lost their way, completely. They practice apologetics, denial and whatever else is needed for votes. One supposes they are doing this in the pointless hope of getting elected and, of course, changing things. When I read where yet another conservative in power, or in the running for Presidency, say something along the lines of, “This is not what we’re about, this is not what America is about,” my first thought is always, “How the hell would you know?” These fools in D.C. know nothing of what America is about. They do not even know what they themselves are about, or what they truly believe in. When a man believes in something with his whole heart, nothing shy of death is going to detour him from his course of action.

The conservatives I sometimes talk to, and most of the ones I read online, continue to discuss ‘freedom,’ as though America has that. I ask you, Reader, do you feel free? Do you feel that this nation, on the brink of ruination and already in despair, remains that City on a Hill we’re all so fond of romanticizing? We are not free. And we are not shining on a hill. We are burning and our Neros who would be kings fiddle as the rest of us toil daily, in an attempt to make ends meet. The notion of trying to ‘take back our country’ is admirable, but mistaken. We put it here. We did. Not ‘liberals’ or wacky leftoid freaks that make easy cannon fodder when denying one’s culpability. No, people: we did this. Our worship of convenience, our lusts, our desires and our pride and Hubris put this nation where it is now, and no amount of reading and shaming Alinksy’s Rules for Radicals, or self-righteous posturing about the whole thing will change that.

How many times did we sit back and watch our virus-infected TVs, knowing that the morals were tanking right in front of our comfortable faces, and just continue to watch? Did we turn those idiot boxes off, discontinue the Signal, and get busy analyzing ourselves and our motives? Hell no; we sat back and laughed at ourselves and others for being so ‘Puritanical.’ As movies grew worse, as the depth the catharsis of art was replaced by blood, sex and gore to the point it no longer remained art but became a whore, never giving us a moment’s peace from our own lusts, we kept buying tickets. We kept buying lunch boxes and memorabilia. We fed the Beast. And now we want to pretend this is someone elses fault.

We’ve been the victim of our own nonsensical rationalizing for decades, always pretending it was someone else’s fault. Pretending that we were righteous, whatever side we chose. We ignored history. We ignored and eventually pretended God was dead, and had no place amongst us, save for trinkets and dusty Bibles, and social galas that we have the temerity to call church.

The Spirit of Outrage grew from our Hubris, and has become Nemesis to our culture. And instead of looking within, at ourselves, we prop up dead horses. We talk about freedoms, as though we still had them, while living in the biggest surveillance state on the whole damned Earth. We’ve got to be kidding ourselves. It means more to us to catch the game than to give a care about the fact that our electronic conveniences track us at every turn. I dare say, one has to be a conspiracy theorist to deny that a new, centralized world order is being built around us while we all yell at each other about “who we are.” To believe this is not the case requires a staggering denial of reality.

Every time I see another idiotic notion from D.C. and our Orwellian nightmare of a media conglomerate and I want to lash out at someone for this, I find it best to go look in a mirror. Whose fault is this all?

Our fault. Though it is not a natural part of our human condition to look to ourselves for blame, the hour is late for us to come to terms with the real face of our enemy.