Interview With an Angel

Felix the Fox took the time to request an interview from one of the characters in my book. Machidiel, angel from ‘The Red Planet Stops by’ was more than happy to sit down with Felix and discuss life, the universe and, of course, God.

Thank you, Felix, for taking the time! An excerpt is below. For the full interview, click here.

What is your name?

My name is Machidiel.

How old are you?

I am not bound by your concept of time. I do not age. I exist outside what you might think of as the ‘bubble’ of Time. You might say that I am older than Time itself, for I was there at thecreation of Time. Have you ever seen Time? Perhaps you will one day. It roams your Earth, devouring all in its path slowly. You simply cannot see it.

What’s the big guy like, on his days off?

You mean God, I must assume. Well, I will tell you this: He is ever the same. I believe I understand your phrase, “days off,” to mean that His watchful eye over His Creation is sometimes turned away. This is not the case. He is always watchful. And yet He is always full of joy and laughter. There seems to be a misunderstanding among you humans that He is angry. Would that you all knew Him as I do!

Were you there for other extinctions? Like the dinosaurs?

Ah, the Great Deluge. Did you know that broke His heart, to have to destroy? My brothers visited your plane of Time long ago and fell into temptation once having seen the Daughters of Man. They fell, took for themselves human women, and betrayed Him, mixing the blood of angel and man, something your kind was never equipped to handle, until there was so much corruption and degradation that His hand was forced. In order to save what was left of both angel and man…

Read the full interview here!