Worshiping The Devil Without Forethought

Sometimes I think that the entirety of Modernity is nothing but one, massive black magic spell and we’re all too enamored of it to realize that we are, in fact, in the midst of transmutation between Something We Were into Something Else. 

Let me qualify that a bit further: I’m nearly certain of it, more or less.

While we’re all spending our days trying to achieve whatever the current idea of ‘independence’ is, we’re unaware that our virtual lives have become tyrannical monsters of anarchy–monsters that brook no mercy or patience with anything save for chaos, entropy and the incessant word of our cultures now, here in the West, ‘Change.’ I’ve come to loathe this word in most contexts applying to culture in my days here on this little, blue planet. For it rarely means what you think that the word means. We gain no more independence with each day but, rather, our devices sing to us their familiar refrains that we are oh-so free to live our lives the way we want. It would be hilarious, were we not on the fast train to imprisoning ourselves with the things we believe make us free and independent. Things that will, I assure, demand payment to the Piper. You are never so shackled as when you sacrifice life itself for convenience.

The entity known as The Devil has two very distinct purposes and attributes (indeed, different personas, if you will): Destruction/Chaos and Light (Information). Satan and Lucifer. One comes to steal, kill and destroy, the other to enlighten those who are left after the destruction. Because what better time to hook us human-beasts into a Hubris-filled dream masquerading as egalitarian, good and true than when we’re still cleaning up the blood? It’s a brilliant plan and not for nothing more or less everyone in every culture understands how The Devil works.

Reading Natalya Irtenina’s, The Chaos Grid (Pt. II) brought my mind back to these things; this duality present in Primary Evil (I don’t care what you call it, just keep ‘Evil’ somewhere in the description)

Strictly speaking, virtuality is the dictatorship of simulacra (illusory meanings and realities), a despotic power over the human soul, a force destroying the personality, the person within a person. Absolutely subordinated to a virtual process of exchange of self for material and immaterial counterfeits of life’s meaning, “conceptual values,” virtual man is totally dependent upon his fetishes and those who supply them. Baudrillard called this process of exchanging personality for simulacra humanity’s natural aspiration to universal spiritual death, the nothingness of the soul.

The words, “…virtual man is totally dependent upon his fetishes and those who supply them,” should be something we all memorize, carry around on a flash card (remember those things, kids?) and take to heart as deeply as possible. In this sense, to me, our modern culture is that black magic experiment I mention on the outset, for we have convinced ourselves that something (our modern ‘reality’–a prison, virtual though it is) is something that it is entirely not at all (freedom, convenient, ‘better’ than times past). It is alchemy in form, coupled with the blackest of all human desires, that of envy, all of it manifesting into reality thanks to Hubris. We have enchanted ourselves with spells and incantations that, though vapid is useless to us in our daily lives, conjure up all manner of Evil things that dance around us with glee as they know that we are now imprisoned and they, those things we conjured without forethought, are the ones freed.  We wanted the be able to do anything and be anything we wanted. Darkness was happy to oblige.

Freedom, the necessity of which has been discussed so much and for so long, has become just one of many virtual realities, a space of personal nothingness where the dense winds of the unconscious swirl and voracious archetypes rove to prey upon weak, almost disembodied souls. In a word, the liberal apocalypse.

In a word, the liberal apocalypse. Allow that to sink in. And when you allow it to sink in, do not think of politics, think of reason and virtue and how the word liberal applies to both.

The West seems to have fallen in love with Satan, and do not think me biased against merely the West here, for now that cancer has spread worldwide. What we are worshiping now is not God but, rather, chaos, the agent of ‘change’ that we think to be such a damnably good thing. Like Natalya, I won’t argue for Tradition as such. The overall point doesn’t require it, only that we begin to see that we are, in fact, worshiping chaos. We should be paying more attention:

Chaos is not freedom – it is total anarchy; principled disorder; a lack of any internal structure and system; a semantic (ideational) lawlessness, under which the meaning and significance (value) of any element of this chaotic anti-system can be subjected to doubt. A precarious existence – and almost an illusory one. To be or not to be is not asked here, for to be or not to be are absolutely equivalent modes.

I could drag this on into the secondary (and perhaps more frightening aspect of Primary Evil) aspect of The Devil: Light (Information). But that’s for another time. But overall, it is clear that all of Modernity is in service to The Devil (in any sense you wish to place it, beit religious, symbolic or philosophical). When The Devil makes a pact with us, woe unto us if we suddenly realize that we didn’t want that pact.