What is it That We Truly Seek?

The Truth of the Word

Some years ago I walked from religion. I grew up Bible Baptist Believer in the Deep South. After decades of cognitive dissonance, I walked on the church. Left the modern ‘Christian’ church high and dry to collect the rebellious dust she’s been wallowing in for some time. I teetered on the edge of apostasy concerning God Himself, but I knew far, far better than such foolishness. Though I am a fool of the highest sort of order, even I am not so idiotic and short-sighted (that, in and of itself, I consider a miracle–a direct bit of code written into my DNA by my Beloved Creator).

Some friends and family were terrified. Who could blame them? But what neither they nor even me understood at the time was the sheer liberation that I was about to be privy to by walking away from dogmatic nonsense masquerading as godliness. My Catholic friends likely see me as the prototypical rebellious Protestant. Many of my Protestant friends did and still see me as that. So be it.

When I came back to the Word, truly more precise than the most scientifically-guided laser and more brilliant than the best of the best of the best of mankind’s ideas of communication in war time, I had an entirely new perspective on it that has taken me YEARS to come to terms with. For the Truth is not interested in the vagaries of inclusivity and ‘tolerance’ that we modern humans hold to in any sense. The Truth will lay waste to you; leave you in the mire of your own Hubris until you are willing to accept its precepts, at which point Truth will envelope you as never before. What had once been the knife cutting into your core becomes the salve that will heal every single ailment (spiritually) that you have ever suffered or self-inflicted.

The Nonsensical, Childish Rants of Modernity and Sexuality

For the women out there, the Word is not interested in your godly status as a woman. It has no neverminds about your feelings nor your notions of how you’ve been ‘wronged’ by a patriarchal culture. Not in the slightest. The more you search, the more you twist the words of God’s Word, the more frustrated you will find yourself, as the modern notions of romantic love are to be found nowhere in the Word. You may twist it all you like until it becomes all-but goddess worship, but frustrated you will remain, for no such Disney-like nonsense is to be found in the Word. Go to Ruth. Understand the Truth of love.

For the men, no amount of attempting to conjure up an Alpha Male status can be found in the Word. Twist it all you like, notions of evolutionary psychology fall dead and flat, the longings of weak and fragile men that such ideas are, pale to a deathly, alabaster pallor when put against God’s love for His Creation. YOU ARE NOT ANIMALS, fools. You are men with a task: to love your wife as yourself. Ideas about ‘dark triads’ and being jerks on purpose have no merit; they are the sort of ideas and words that children put forth. You postulate on the merits of such childish ideas and yet find yourselves as utterly frustrated as the opposite sex.

And why are all these things so? Because our modernity has duped us in such a fashion as to be all but impenetrable. You simply cannot fix stupid, and stupid has become our go-to state in modernity. We have forgotten the Face of Our Father, to quote one Stephen King in one of his more prescient novel ideas.

The World at Large

You must understand something and, if you’ve known me, or followed my internet writings for any length of time, then you already know this. Yet, for the benefit of those who may not know, you are reading the words of a fool! How could I condemn anyone? For judgment is condemnation, and I am no judge! I do not know how more to emphatically convince you of my foolish nature. I only have One, Single Benefit in this mad, mad, mad, mad world we exist within: God. He did the seeking, He did the bone-breaking, He did the legwork that led me to a place wherein I have nothing LEFT but to see Him as the be-all, end-all of my existence on this earth. Do you see this as foolish? If you do, then ask yourself why.

(Even the above paragraph, how could I do anything but attribute most of it to the writing of the Apostle Paul, who by and VERY large was a man far, far more brilliant than me?)

To converge back onto the opening of this post, when I walked away from dogmatic nonsense, I began to see the Word as much more than some Holy Book of Rules with which I strike others on the head with. I started to see Reality. I began to see Reason. I started to understand that the Bible wasn’t something to control mankind at all, but something to free us all. And it is not all-inclusive. This must be known and accepted.

For as long as I’ve been alive, the Christian church has portrayed my faith as a communal doctrine that can be taken apart, put back together out of context, and passed out like tracts and pat phrases to everyone, and that if everyone doesn’t accept it as humanity deemed fit to parse it out and sell it, then somehow this is the fault of God’s Word and, thus, we must water it down, distill it, and mire it within the pit of modernity so that everyone gets a shot at the whole thing.

It doesn’t work like that in the least.

The Word of God is put here to cut through our human bull shit. It is not intended to make us feel good. It is not intended for us to bring the whole world into the line of thinking that those of us who believe in that Word feel. IT POSITS AND PRESENTS CHOICE.

We’re so arrogant and foolish as to believe that the opposite is the case. Well, it isn’t the case. It’s all become so cliche thanks to our foolishness that the words may not have the power they should but, put simply, the Word is sharp and brutal–it is intended to cut through the entirety of mankind’s attempts at unity in order that we might somehow see that such unity is an impossibility without Our Creator. It is more precise than a surgeon’s scalpel. By exponential amounts. It is here to dissect the cancer from our lives that is our incessant pride and Hubris. Those whom I’ve known who’ve undergone treatment for cancer and survived will not once tell you that the treatment was pleasant. In fact, there are times that the treatments seem to outweigh the cancer. And yet without the treatment, the cancer will enact havoc on the body of the infected.

The Solution is Simple and Nigh On Impossible

Forget what you thought you knew. Forget the dogma. The windmill-tilting we do in this mad modernity is to no avail. The theorizing, pontificating, and endless frustration that we feel in this modern world is madness, pure and simple. And yet madness is so often the comfortable refuge of pride and Hubris, is it not? This is no call to the proverbial Altar that you’ve likely encountered in churches. This is no desperate cry for you to ‘accept Christ,’ Reader, for that is a choice that HE LEFT TO YOU ENTIRELY.

No, this is a challenge for you to think, to ponder, to gaze in wonder at something you may not have seen in so very, very long: the notion that perhaps–just PERHAPS–it is humanity and whatever you choose to believe represents Evil that has twisted and perverted a Word from your Creator. Forget dogma (including modern socio-political and scientism-fed dogma) and just take a moment to ask yourself from whence comes the madness of this modern world.

Are we enlightened, in truth? And, if so, has that so-called enlightened state hindered or given rise to the cancer we all find ourselves infected with these days? Is this madness random (as if such a thing could be) or is it simply because we have believed just one too many lies?