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Cade in Kindle Format

I’ve taken all of the Cade episodes and put them into one book (with a nice cover to boot). Now available on Amazon! Just $0.99, and the original story will not be removed from the site.

From Amazon:

Cade is a man pulled out of time. After being dead for nearly eighteen years, Cade’s oldest friend, Dr. Luke Caleb, brings him back to life in a brand new, nearly indestructible synthetic body. Only Cade never wanted such a thing to happen to him.

But all is not as it seems. Reality has changed. A reckoning comes for a Humanity too long within the grip of its own Hubris. And Cade’s oldest friend is about to supply weapons to Nemesis.

Cade needs to help his old friend before the end, and before the most absurd war in the history of Humanity begins.