Children of America

Fortunately, there are millions of silent voters. Those who will vote how they see fit no matter the nonsense poll results, the lies, the slander, nor the never, ever ending onslaught of lecturing, posturing, and bull shit. These adults need not take to Facebook and Twitter and blast off into tirades and tantrums. They realize that such things are the domain of children. Large children who resemble adults in height and size alone.

The nation itself, however, is being led by children. Apoplectic babies with little better to do than find ways to one up each other, insult each other, and engage in snarky hyperbole that means nothing at all to anyone but those children. They are the loudmouth voices that will never stop lecturing. These children use silly language such as ‘LOL’ and ‘amiright?’ when engaging in what they believe are serious conversations. They belittle without forethought. They rage and cry about the silliest of things, lacking any adult perspective at all. Spoiled little brats needing attention.

These children have no context. They have soundbite knowledge, yet possess zero wisdom. They never let go of their black mirrors; they cling to their electronic devices like babies cling to pacifiers because, in fact, there is little difference between the two unless the black mirrors are used in intelligent ways. Having these very sources of information that might give them context in their hands, they make no use of them as such. Instead, they swipe away on Tinder, believe memes have worthwhile wisdom to impart, rail and throw tantrums on Facebook/Twitter, all the while believing themselves to be part of an enlightened generation. Despite many of them claiming atheism, they are overtaken by lesser gods all around them. They worship scientism and equality and feel the utmost self-satisfaction at nothing more than their own existence. They breathe, thus they believe the world should respect them.

The world is on the cusp of war. These children are unable to garner a care about this because they have no understanding of history, patterns, and how reality in the human existence works.

Who are these children?

Turn on the news. They anchor the shows. Log onto social media, they control the narrative. Go to any useless ‘fact checking’ website, you’ll find that children run them, write the articles, and frame the narratives. Lest you think I’m speaking only of so-called ‘left leaning’ sites and news organizations, note that I find Megyn Kelly and most of the Fox News lineup to be part of this group of children. When one says mean things to a child, that child might throw a tantrum and run to mom and dad. This is the behavior of these adult children that lead the narrative in our world today. They are endlessly offended. These offences amount to nothing and less more often than not, so they rail and whine and all but hold their breath like children until they get their way. And the other children give into their tantrums. So they continue to throw them.

They are also our political leaders, these children. They desire nothing more than to be liked. Surely, being liked means more votes, but these children have become so addicted to being liked that their positions are no longer solely the reason that they have no spine. They no longer possess anything such as forethought. They simply want people to like them. The children led by them give them this drug in the form of hero worship, to the point of taking on the identities of these children leaders.

Children can be notoriously cruel. The world revolves around them. This is acceptable during the early years of life. Actual children lack context and forethought because they are young, naïve, and have yet to experience hardships that give them wisdom. After a certain age, however, continuing to lack wisdom and context should be sources of internal shame. But children hate shame, try and avoid it, and break under the weight of it at times.

The children leading us, framing the narratives, are just as cruel. They react to shame in the same manner as they did when they were teenagers, yet not only possess no sense of self-awareness to recognize this, they have no desire to possess that awareness in the first place. These children would rather be coddled and led, directed and legislated, than stand up, take stock of reality and themselves, and find ways to live with more integrity.

The West is over. We may yet have years until this finality is realized, and yet the patterns are everywhere. History bears these patterns out. These children, however, cling to their stuffed teddy bear notions of America and the West, refusing to look reality in the face and realize that the payment for the West’s myriad sins has come due. There is no convincing any of them of the fact that what must be done now is to make choices not based on emotion but on reality. Hard realities that are the consequences of the decline. The consequences of OUR actions and non-actions.

Rather than make an extremely difficult choice, one that causes pangs in the gut to any adult, these children insist on focusing on mean things that were said, ‘locker room’ talk, and thus are blinded to the reality of the choice that America faces, here at the End of All Things. These children label such thinking ‘conspiracy theory,’ because to accept the truth of the West’s imminent fall and destruction is to be forced to digest ‘mean things’ and accept that reality demands consequences, and that no culture, no matter how supposedly enlightened or technologically advanced, can make these consequences go away.

Our only hope for a few years yet of peace, and perhaps a small, brief restoration of economic freedom before the West’s bill for its sins can be put off no more, are the silent, adult voters who are not swayed by the inane childishness of what we call America.