We need to take our country back.

A refrain I have heard for too long now. One that reprises constantly, like a piece of boring music. A theme for a character in a film that most who hum along to it have no reckoning of the truth of the matter. In this early 21st Century, it has taken the tone of Hans Zimmer’s theme for Joker in the Dark Knight.

Noise. Irritating and pestilent. Two tones that converge at the point of madness. Left and Right political sides.

But Americans of either political persuasion did not leave their nation, only to return to the Absolute Rule of their political enemies. Americans of every persuasion sat on our fat asses and allowed what has happened to this nation to transpire.

I remember myself from many years ago.

I remember when I would watch television with my parents. They would lament the debauchery of that tube, while watching it, too. As I got older, I began to chide them about being so ‘old fashioned.’ They, of course, chuckled my childish notions away but, unbeknownst to me, they were listening, as were most Boomers, because the human condition is one that is naturally predisposed to the easy way out. Not a single human on the planet desires anything less. There are many who push this desire to the side, who practice self-possession and self-discipline. But the very acts are brought about by the fact that we desire to take the path of least resistance.

Time moved on. Technology advanced.

True to the child that I was (because Modernity can pretend otherwise, but the 20s are still the times of being a child), I began to push my parents, and others from their generation, toward this technology. When they wanted to call, I reminded them of email. When texting began to take front and center, I, too, pointed this out.

Sometimes, I enjoy a good laugh at my own expense. The irony is rich. I’ve become what they were before. In many ways, I despise Modernity and our techno-fetishes.

Am I solipsistic enough to believe that I alone brought my folks, and other of their generation, into this meaningless Modernity? I am not. The peer pressure to evolve, thanks to Darwinism misunderstood, has been applied from every angle for quite some time now. Our advances in technology were supposed to correct God’s flaws in humanity—this was buried into our collective consciousness by everything from our very own ‘day’ jobs, to books, movies, TV, and more.

Our technology has not in any fashion corrected any of God’s so-called mistakes in humanity’s design. Instead, it has proven to be the vampire that it always was, sucking power from our plants and draining energy from us, the enslaved humans. Our little black mirrors require electric currents often enough that millions are spent on better battery technology. The drain on our species is enough that vast amounts of articles on ‘unplugging’ have been written over the years.

Yet we continue to see our technological advances as progress, as a way to make our lives better.

I am old enough to remember the pipe dreams of the ‘paperless’ office. The ability for our computers to store data, as well as email, would prevent the need any longer for paper. To call that idea a whopper would be akin to calling the sun bright. Yet still, we congratulate ourselves.

Education would be far more potent and useful to us, because our technology would allow us to access all the information we could possibly process instantly, bringing knowledge to the world. Yet still we are the same humanity that ever walked the earth. We preen and pose, pretending to be enlightened, but the truth is easy to spot if one is looking, and that truth is contrary to the narrative, as it usually is with Modernity. One need only read history, available on our technology, but ignored like a plague unless taken out of context entirely, to understand that the human walking today is not much different than the human that walked in supposedly unenlightened times.

A human being faced with the choice of losing his comfort if he admits the truth of the matter is not all that different than a cornered animal. That human will likely not respond with any sort of calmness but, rather, he will likely attack. None of us want to admit that we made this bed and thus we lie in it. So Modernity rationalizes, touts its successes and ignores its myriad failures and consequences. When confronted with Reality, modernity bitches, whines, and moans. Those who dare speak against that Modernity are the crazy folks who probably want to return the world to horses and buggies. And thanks to our technology, every socio- and psychopath with an internet connection has the opportunity to chime in their own madness, and since Modernity is addicted to rationalizing, excuses are made as to why such madfolk “might have a point.”

And so here we are, Modernity. Confused, befuddled, but goddamnably positive that we know what the Hell we’re talking about. Because, of course, reason, science, and Modernity itself. But if you take those elements into the refinery of the mind and subject them to heat, you find them full of mostly junk materials; ideas culled from spotty information, from manipulated information. It becomes apparent that the ore is polluted and ruined, unusable entirely to form any sort of stable foundation.

But we continue to blame, unaware it seems that the very act of blaming is yet more proof of the fact that humanity, despite this dream of Modernity, has gone nowhere at all, that we are still the same flesh and blood that we’ve been for eons. If ever there might be a hallmark of an ‘enlightened’ creature, such that humanity has such a fetish to become, it would seem that accepting culpability for its own mistakes might be that.