It all Seemed Like a Game, Didn’t it?

“There are moments which mark your life. Moments when you realize nothing will ever be the same and time is divided into two parts: before this, and after this.”
~Detective John Hobbes, Fallen


I’ve had such a moment today. Since the internet does not need one more boring, personal confession, I’ll keep the actual epiphany to myself.

What Will America Do?

That’s what I keep asking myself. Which direction will the nation that I reside within take? The easiest thing to do is to become angry. Our Nemesis, the media monster we created, knows this, while we’ve forgotten it, thus it uses it as a weapon against us.

That weapon is proving increasingly effective, as the entire nation seems to be at the boiling point. Two candidates have been presented that seem both to be unworthy of the task before them. Choose wisely, we’re told, but the choice seems impossible, at best, stomach-churning at worst. The route that seems the most logical seems to be that of having a tantrum.

The trick comes in the form of backing up, slowing down, and taking a moment to look and weigh out everything, as many scenarios as possible. Many Americans are doing that quietly, in private. Many correctly fear that revealing their choice in public might just effect their friendships and livelihoods, and thus a lot of people are simply doing whatever it takes to make the most logical choice, avoiding the topic altogether in public if necessary.

The voters looking to affect any change at all are having to parse through reams of bad data. The entire debacle is a psychological war and the only way to suss out any of it is to begin to look at the best tactical maneuvers for whatever we wish to await us after we cross what looks to be a very real and very tempestuous Rubicon. We do not want a Caesar; we want a leader with some sort of ability to slow the tide even somewhat.

Whom that leader is remains our choice. The signal to noise ratio is almost impossible to calculate. It seems that, trapped within a game show like facade of a Presidential election is a strange battle for something far deeper. Something that requires far more attention than our Nemesis wishes us to attain. So media keeps on churning out the bullshit.

No matter the side that a voter resides upon, it’s worth noting that when times are mad, as they are in the West today, and the entirety of culture has been inverted, leading to the eventual and complete breakdown of that culture, the obvious choice at first is something to be pondered with a whole lot of analysis and mental sweat.