Make it a Broken Record

The entirety of Modernity is a digital ruse; a permeating lie wherein normal reality has been inverted and upended, until what we are forced to look at each day on our black mirrors is nothing like reality at all. It is fake.

But it is a tempting illusion, the sort that seems to have nearly a narcotic effect on the human psyche at large. Because it is an illusion, it can be bent and twisted like a tapestry, molded into what seems a sensible shape by any and all who decide to do so. Most of Modernity seems to have confused this ruse with power possessed on its own part. What we hold controls us by simply molding into any shape we desire while continually trapping us, yet we believe that we are the masters of Modernity.

But if one looks closely at the nebulous tapestry called Modernity, and stops for a moment to take it in as the thing that it is, there is a single question that one can ask which can begin to unravel that tapestry as the fake that it is: Who benefits?

Ask yourself that, each time that you are faced with a decision in your world today.

Ask yourself that, each time you see another news report about a mass killing.

Ask it each and every time your black mirrors—TV’s, computers, smartphones; all forms of media entertainment—present to you another horror story, or another ‘feel good’ story. Or any story at all.

Who benefits?

The media monster, the Nemesis that we created, desires more than anything else that its public tear away at one another. It appears that Nemesis understood that the canine processes certain things in the same brain capacity as a human, and therefore, having seen Pavlov’s work, came to the conclusion that if a canine responds to a kind of signal on cue, then so must humanity. And thus it helped us create it.

Who benefits?

As noted previously, the media monster, as I refer to repetitively as Nemesis, need never attain sentience. For it is a golem. A ruse in and of itself created from the worst of our filth, given life by electricity and our Hubris. So does it benefit? It cannot grasp such a concept, for it does not grasp sentience. Those that benefit are its Masters, the ones who put it into existence.

Though it is easy to dissemble such a group into nothing but a ‘lone cabal’ of what we might call ‘The Elite’, the fact is that it always boils down to humanity in general: our continuous cycle of self-destruction, our willingness, in each cycle, to fall headlong into the lusts of comfort that we crave, thus we willingly surrender dignity and freedom in exhange for security, comfort, and the so-called freedom to debase ourselves by engaging in any behavior that we deem acceptable.

Since Modernity has compartmentalized belief and science completely, and rendered one its new god and the other the old gods who were the cute ramblings of unenlightened peoples, it can no longer grasp the patterns of the Universe. For while the physical universe itself may be digital, it may be explained in packets and quantized data, its purpose cannot be explained outside of the concept of analog thought—direction, at times almost whimsical choices, and an overriding sense of something called Justice, which is not the same as fairness.

Who benefits?

In the depths of itself, what Modernity does not desire, what it fears the most, is the consequences of its own actions. Modernity understands that, while it may be young in the latest cycle of human decline, what it has managed to accomplish in its short existence has damned it far beyond its own years.

It is terrified that it could be completely wrong. Given such a state, Modernity is forced into denial. Nemesis has proven to be the perfect vehicle for that denial. We created an echo chamber with the impressive ability to mold itself and play any side that it desires. Left or right, perhaps right down the middle: our media monster knows all and tells all in order to infuriate, distract, and keep the attention of us all.

The story is one of the saddest kind. It is a tale of a species, superior in so many ways to that of its own world: Humanity. Within this creature a simple code existed. In its Modernity, this creature believes itself superior to its own ancestry, but the truth is the opposite. Modernity is fallen far from its own lineage.

The simple code that is embedded into this creature demands that it destroy that which it despises. Because it is fallen, humanity rises, only to again fall. When it crumbles, when humanity’s most recent shining work of civilization falls victim to the traps of its own Hubris and begins to once again tolerate the intolerable, and it begins to listen to the lies of Primary Evil, all that humanity bled and died for becomes moot; and then as that dies, humanity finds itself a scavenger, able only to pick apart its own corpse, having gone from the passion of attempting to better itself down into the pit of autopsy.

Who benefits?

Is this continuous cycle of self-annihilation beneficial to humanity as a species? How could this possibly be the case? It seems unlikely that Natural Selection can apply to a sentient species such as humanity, but if that were the case, is the continuous cycle beneficial to this species? If one must, then forget entirely the concept of religion, gods, angels, and devils, and focus on nothing more than Darwinian lore: what would be the best modus operandi to maintain the top of a biological food chain?

Who benefits?

There are those who believe they are above us. They walk in human form but are, in fact, human themselves. But by our comfort and our own Hubris, we have enabled those who believe they are our betters to manipulate and control us. How do they benefit?

By convincing us, those born into Modernity without choice, that if we will offer no more than our submission, we will attain the complete security and comfort that we, in our weakness, desire more than anything.

It hardly seems worth it. The subjugation of one’s own will to subsist for nothing more than continued comfort and security seems a pittance compared to what this strange reality has always offered, which is dangerous freedom.

Who benefits?

Are we the beneficiaries of compliance?

Highly unlikely.