The Cultural Narrative is Pure Madness

I’d read recently about a petition at to shut down Rotten Tomatoes, a movie review site, due to its negative reviews of DC property films. This petition was put online by a DC fan who later noted that the petition was a joke. Sarcasm.

Whether the petition was genuine at the moment of upload cannot be known. What can be known is that most any human will not bother to do such a thing if the intent is nothing more than a whim-like joke. As well, many signed it, indicating that there is a sentiment that Rotten Tomatoes might just be the ubiquitous “haters” that can’t see the brilliance these petition signers could somehow glean.

Most of us know (whether we have the chutzpah to say it out loud is wholly another matter) that Millennials and the younger generations are lost. Not because they are stupid, mind you, but because they are indoctrinated with information fed to them since birth. Information that has been skewed, manipulated, and mangled since they were born. There are some astute Millennials using their significant skills with modern technology to find out the truth; to look at the Old Ways and to see the vast difference between being rational and rationalizing. But those Millennials aren’t controlling the current mad narrative. The mad ones are controlling that, as the mad generally do when everything is twisted into some egalitarian fetish where equality is worshiped like a goddess.

The issue to me seems to be far deeper than just the Millennial generation. That generation is merely acting in a manner commiserate with what they were taught. As the Millennials lash out at everything that confronts them in the form of harsh truths of reality, it’s their parents, and even many Boomers, who have used their own children and grandchildren as excuses to act like complete buffoons and asshats.

An article is circulating the web right now by a young woman who notes that the so-called ‘Evangelicals’ are losing Millennials. She notes that Millennials actually appreciate progress in the form of the ‘isms’ that permeate it (though she uses far more reverential wording for the slights Millennials see at all turns of their head) and that if older generations want to keep their attention, then we older folks have simply got to meet Millennials on their terms. I call hogwash. But I can’t call hogwash on her site, because far too many older generations are lauding her piece and praising her copiously in the comment section. A whole lot of, “how brave of you!”and “As an older generation, I agree with you completely!”

What else, then, is a Millennial, a generation who has its identity tied to accolades from other humans, to think, other than that she must be onto something? The younger generations see exposure as proof, no matter which side the publicity comes down on. They seem to have utterly ingested the notion that no publicity is bad publicity.

If the ‘haters’ are hating, then the Millennial believes they are onto something brilliant.

Again, who can blame them, when they have so many older generations praising them because those members of those generations always, sometimes secretly, sometimes not, have always desired, as humans do, to cast off the “oppression” of self-governing in favor of doing whatever the hell we want to do, no matter the cost?

We older generations, seeing the easy way out, put the younger generations in charge. Venerated them. Told them how special they were at every turn. Put them in positions of management. We said we needed ‘fresh’ perspectives. Thus Millennials believe that every word they say is important. We older generations once knew better than such silly ideas, but the easy way is far too tempting for a culture enjoying the comforts of prosperity. So, rather than hold our children to the laws of reality, we tried to bend reality to fit the whims they had–so that we, lazy bums we are, could live vicariously through them until we could act like asshats in public. Now, no one wants to hurt anyone’s feelings by admitting the fact that this was all a horrible error; something that most of the younger generations would be forced to work very intently to escape. Furthermore, most of my generation, and the Boomers, don’t want to give up the bubble dream that reality will actually bend to our whims.

Thus, our narrative in the First World is mad as a hatter on some sort of mind-altering drug. Media-fed scientism tells us that it knows all, like a new god, and most buy the nonsense by the gallon. We don’t pay enough attention to the fact that scientism can’t agree with itself most of the time, thus we’re still, despite the mad narrative, dealing with theories and ideas, not empirical evidence. We watch our news channels on TV and listen to talking heads that are more shallow than dry mud-puddles. We call them ‘pundits’ and ‘experts.’ But not one of them knows diddly. Each of them spouts nothing more than bull shit couched in the cadence and alliteration of today’s modern vernacular. We hear a snippet of something we agree with and accept the rest of the nonsense too, rationalizing the whole time.

Many of the Millennials believe that the problem of today is that not everyone has rights. Because humanity is often a monster full of pride and entitlement, older generations have heralded these ideas (long before the Millennials) and now find the perfect excuse, through their own children and grandchildren, to forward ideas incompatible with society onto the populous, and beat that populous into submission with nagging and guilt until everyone agrees in order that they might just keep the damn peace for a moment. Why then should younger generations believe that anything else is the truth? “We hold these truths to be self-evident” is a phrase that, as the Founders knew, once misunderstood by society as a whole, would cease to have the intended meaning. For the last many decades, the First World, most especially the West, has been programmed with the notion that individualism, no matter the consequences, is the hallmark of Democracy, and that is true. We don’t understand our language enough any longer to grasp the fact that a Democracy was never the intent.

So on all sides, all generations, and for all the Western World, really, we’ve simply forgotten what we knew, we’ve traded it for what passes for ‘enlightenment,’ which I see as little more than humanity getting too damn big for its britches, we’ve traded reality for feelings.

And the most disconcerting fact about it all is that we have trained ourselves to be dead to these truths.

Our now-normal but still mad, mad, mad, mad narrative concerning our world is the proof of that training. For if we can look around and say to ourselves, “This is fine,” then we have forgotten the truth of being human in the first place.