The Hilariously Tragic Hypocrisy of America

The Trump Tape. What a farcical bit of sleight-of-hand nonsense perpetrated by our Nemesis—our Media Monster.

Hillary Clinton is a criminal. As is her husband. Fact-checking sites and such will not help you suss this out. They will merely cloud your perfectly reasonable human judgment if you feel her to be such. The data is out there. Though the efforts to suppress it have been brobdingnagian, that data is still accessible, given the right amount of resolve to find it. Hell, it ain’t that tough to find, really. The FBI? Congressional panels absolving Hillary/the Clintons? When you ask the corrupt to judge the corrupt, do not expect truth.

America is not thinking. America is emoting—like a big, spoiled child who doesn’t want its toys of convenience, deceit, lies, and corruption to be brought to light and corrected. The nation is in freefall morally, financially, and a whole host more ways. Yet what far too many Americans desire is not a change for the better, but a continuing of the cycle of entropy that we’ve been experiencing since the 1950’s. Temper tantrums are easy to spot if one is looking, and America is having the sort of tantrum that would make even a toddler stare in awe.

Social media has given America the perfect platform though which to emote and throw tantrums, yet hardly anything smacking of logic or critical thinking can be found therein. Millions believe their snarky, sarcastic tweets and Facebook posts have merit, are based on ‘science’ and ‘reason,’ and yet, to the observer who understands the depth of both science and reason, it is patently obvious that what the most vocal are engaging in is sophistry, hyperbole, and a worldview based on feelings, not logic, science, or reason.

Point this out, and prepare for flak in the form of more temper tantrums.

Everywhere one looks, since the aforementioned Trump tape, there is lecturing, self-righteous posturing, hivemind talking points, outright nonsensical lies. As Brett Stevens noted recently, America needs to just grow up. I couldn’t disagree, even if I wanted to, which I don’t. Children are not self-aware. The beauty of children lies in this fact. And this is only beautiful and useful while we are children. Once we become adults, to view the world as children is a matter of shame. We should feel complete shame when we act as children once we have reached a certain age.

America seems to no longer embrace this truth as reality. And who could be surprised? America has inverted itself; thousands of years of Western history, blood shed, wars fought, hard lessons learned—we’ve chucked all that to the side in favor of, “Eat, drink, and be merry. For tomorrow, we die.”

To reiterate Mr. Stevens: Oh, grow up, America.