The Ruthless, Unforgiving Monster

Media. Be it news, entertainment, whatever, our media is the monster we created that is having an absolute joyful time pitting us against each other. Our remotes, phones, computers, and everything else invite this monster into our homes. It more or less invades our consciousness nearly 24 hours a day, as was the intent all along.

There is nothing new under the sun. Watch some of the first silent films and the astute viewer sees the propaganda tool was a monster all along. Today, it has the best mankind can offer it so that it might bathe us in the light of our own grandiosity. We love ourselves to death, and our monster knows it.

We believe the monster has our best interests at heart, though we know better. We believe the monster lies over here and over there, but if we work out what’s between the two, we’ll be able to filter the lies. We know better. The trap is more or less flawless in its design, the lies embedded right down to the, for lack of a better analogy, DNA of the monster. It was always designed to lie.

And we always knew it.

The monster doesn’t care about you, about me, about anything we’re dealing with. The monster cares about feeding itself by regurgitating its filth to us so that we will give it money and resources. A so-called enlightened society is enslaved without chains. This society submits to its rule with loud complaints on social media, but submit it continues to do.

The people in the world, we have to work together. We have to live with one another. The monster doesn’t care. It never sleeps and so it never stops working out ways to make our lives more difficult.

We don’t want to think racially.

We don’t want to think about gay or straight.

We don’t want to think battling sexes.

We don’t want to think any of these never ending talking points. We have jobs to do. We have friends that cross all lines and boundaries our monster tells us to notice. We care about them and don’t care to give a thought to the things our monster won’t stop pointing out.

Our monster feeds us these thoughts whether we want them or not. Still, we pay the fuckin’ thing.

Daily now our monster feeds us images and stories that are graphic in nature. The stories grow more provocative and the photos more gruesome. The monster is eating our fear. So efficiently has our media monster infiltrated our lives that we aren’t even certain what the hell to fear now.

Something. A shooting. A cop gone bad. Some kid killing his parents. A bomb goes off somewhere else. Fear is our routine.

Yet we continue to fork out our hard-earned, devalued Dollars to feed this damnable monster.

There is, of course, no reason to assume that our monster is not useful, that it is not entertaining, that it does not give us many conveniences, occasional historical knowledge, of course it can broadcast sermons and religions programming. It is true, we spared no expense outfitting our monster with trinkets to tempt us. We made certain to make the monster resourceful in its ability to fool us.

I’m reminded of a villain in a Japanese anime series who killed people by shutting down their internal organs with his mind. But they felt absolutely nothing as they died, because he also released dopamine and serotonin into their systems.

They died smiling.

Posted by CH