Useless Data

A wise person once noted that we should never believe our own bullshit. Likely Solomon, the once-wise, said something similar with far more class in his Proverbs.

Our black mirrors and habits have devoid us of wisdom, common sense, sensibility in general, as well as the ability to stop rationalizing and actually stop, for a split-second, to think about what we might be ingesting in terms of data. Whatever a Millennial might want to call it, say, ‘Googlelitis’, we’ve surrendered the abilities of the three-plus pounds of matter betwixt our ears over to our black mirrors.

Now that Modernity essentially knows nothing, it is enamored of the false-positive chemical reactions it gets in its brain by believing it is now in the process of discovering all of everything. Modern Scientism! It moves on, discovering clues, screwing them up, collating bad data, while simultaneously crowing itself the Arbiter of Reason and Knowledge.

And we eat it up like cake. The things that we once knew—not simply in our recent history but far in the past in our ancestral heritage—we’ve all forgotten, giving license to media-fed Scientism to gorge us on morality-based ideas that masquerade as science, playing itself down to the lowest of common denominators, using snark and lazy, modern vernacular (“I fucking love science” and that lot) to finger-wag and lecture, meanwhile peer-reviewed studies, true scientific method, objectivity, discovery, imagination, and truth go slagging away in private, under-funded and ignored by Modernity’s need for nonsense and abbreviated factoids.

Every time you check the news, a new study tells you something useless. These talking/typing heads generating our false news remind us of what ‘the experts’ tell us all the time, as though God Himself issued dictates. John Tesh has a radio show he touts as ‘intelligence for the whole family,’ wherein he regurgitates facts and studies from think tanks and committees. That’s not to knock Tesh; seems like a nice enough fellow. He can’t help that this culture is so devoid of wisdom and real knowledge as to lean to a bland, pop-radio show to get ‘intelligence.’ Bread is better when buttered, after all.

If you check the Scientism publications, you see articles with titles that read like teenager’s blog post entries. “Science has discovered that there might maybe be other planets that might support life.” “Science has discovered that we might maybe not be what we maybe thought we like totally were.” Of course that’s facetious hyperbole, but the reality is not terribly afar. It’s more akin to the cult it represents (Scientism) than real, factual, time-intensive scientific method.

But since we live in a Facebook-soundbyte world, we don’t think. We simply ingest.

Garbage in, constantly. Our Modernity believes itself more intelligent than its predecessors, this distinction based mostly on a zero-sum ideology called ‘equality,’ when, in fact, our black mirrors—our phones, TVs, computers, tablets, etc.—actually possess the requisite knowledge and information we credit to ourselves and are better able to make reality-based decisions than we are. Science fiction has often wondered and waxed poetic about something like a singlularity, wherein technology’s intelligence supersedes mankind’s, but I believe that moment may have already passed us with barely a whimper, for we are addicted to our own faulty data like the heroin addict to his drug.

So we go on, relying on our faulty data, refusing to ask ourselves to give the clear answers we know are there, because we’re lazy addicts. We are now unable to kick our habits.

Hubris, meet Nemesis.