We’d Rather Complain

Our Nemesis, Modern Media, tells us what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and where to do it. We follow along blindly. Our media tells us that our children will die, and we don’t shut them down. It’s entertaining. And we’d much rather complain than act.

There are moments of frustration where anyone might exclaim, “Are we really this stupid!” But anyone seeing the truth of the matter knows that we’re not all that stupid, but we’re all that lazy. The Black Mirrors—our TV’s, smartphones, laptops, tablets, et al—service us with any demon of choice at any time. A virtual pornographic world that fulfills any lust but satiates none of them, not ever. The virtual world we live our lives within now is something that our mind walls off, simply recreating this world within our own minds. This fools us because it somehow is able to release just enough of the chemicals from our mind that give us the feelings we crave so longingly, yet somehow cannot end the process as with normal interactivity.

It is a fantasy world. From how we establish our identities now, how we shop, how we vote, what we post on social media, down to the base desire of actual pornography. The entire facade seems to resemble an endless loop; bad programming that burns up all our resources. The whole, miserable exercise just never fuckin’ ends.

In the real world, intimate contact (anything from conversation with a close friend to intercourse) are states of being that have beginnings and endings. Intrinsically our minds know when the processes should end and thus we get a feeling of satisfaction that no virtual world can provide, because our minds were never meant to live in this sort of non-reality.

In a virtual world, the slave is beholden to the Master, and the Master is the one providing the fake thrills, thus the slave willfully submits.

Thus our world. A world where we are constantly insulted by Media. One mouth tells us our world is billions of years old and has survived countless chaotic events, from tectonic shifts to floods to meteors, and yet from another mouth of our media, we’re told that little old Humanity is destroying this rugged planet by putting too much carbon in the air.

Media wants Charles Manson’s race war, but we keep tuning in like mindless drones. And whatever the narrative they sell says, far too many buy it. Seemingly without question. It seems preposterous to claim that our Modernity is enlightened when noting that we are unable to see through the tactics. The patterns are everywhere, that our media desires that culture war with culture. And people eat it up like cake.

Shall we venture into our politicians? Men and women so corrupt that in saner times they’d have been lined up before firing squads. Yet media tells us whom to side with by echoing our favorite talking points to us, and we don’t simply vote for them, no, we worship them. We think they can change things. And they can. Only we’re lazy and so comfortable as to believe that this change will benefit us.

Perhaps we can blame this on the ‘sheeple.’ But this seems to dodge the finer point by quite a bit. Blame rests solely in our mirrors. When things must come to an end, when consequences are due, the human condition seems to require that we rail and scream, just one more time, before the hammer falls. Yet given our Nemesis, this media monster that now resides within our homes twenty four hours a day, we seem almost paralyzed. Unable to grasp that the bill has come due, and that one way or another, some kind of reset is due.

So we complain. When things go wrong, we blame. When people say inane, ridiculous things about us, we ‘hit back’ with childish snark and sarcasm. When our media lies to us, we complain about it. The thought of shutting them up by shutting them off doesn’t even cross our minds, because one of the many handicaps that Modernity has willfully given itself is a massive entitlement complex. The cultural norm in the West today is that if everything isn’t precisely as our spoiled nature desires, we should express outrage and demand satisfaction.

So rather than make sacrifices toward anything better, we just do a whole hell of a lot of bitching.

Because it seems, based on anecdotal evidence, that complaining is what we’d much rather do than anything else.