What Shall the Sane do in a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World?

It doesn’t matter where you look, insanity abounds. We celebrate and promote insanity in our Brave First World. We have fetishized the mad, the insane, the backward, and the Evil. We are addicted to it, despite calling ourselves enlightened.

If Modernity is enlightened, then to the Stone Age we should return, if ever such a ridiculous notion actually existed outside of a typical cycle of human development.

I’ll not link to them, as they are clickbait, but search Google for “Your manliness is hurting the environment” and, as well, “The Witching Hour: Dancing with Darkness at a Club Night for Witches” to see just two blatant examples of mental disorders parading as intellectual fare. In one, you’ll find that men, as always, possess unlimited power in terms of oppression, like some Great Satan prowling the land, seeking whom they may devour, even if that dish they seek to devour is the goddamn planet itself.

In the other, you’ll find sentences like this, concerning Satan, the occult, and Lucifer:

“At a time when human-shaped dark forces are wielding such power, something traditionally seen as evil can actually begin to look like a saviour.”

The poor slob who wrote this has no understanding of Evil at all for, if they did (one can’t assume ‘gender’, of course, thus ‘they’), they would know that this is always the M.O. of Evil: disguise itself to appear as a savior. Such things were known far and wide by everyone in times past but, these days, people seem to believe that shooting soap and water from one’s anus (see the aforementioned article, “The Witching Hour”) onto a crowd as mad as the entertainers is somehow hilarious. If shooting soap from one’s ass is considered entertainment, it is safe to assume that any inclinations of normal, healthy morality are out the window. Via their ass.

I find the phrase, “Human-shaped dark forces” to be especially creative in terms of the lie of First World Culture. It seems that John and Jane Q. Public feel as though we, the humans who inhabit this world, had nothing to do with these “dark forces,” as though we did not invite them onto our stages to lie to us, lead us, and fool us. Modernity has a vast and cavernous memory hole that it can only fill by lying to itself using snark and ridicule. Modernity could not conjure reality if its own life depended on it, thus it deals in nothing but the mad, the insane, the Evil.

The Freaks and Geeks are running our show. Look around you, notice every gesture, see every move, for all that you see is a trick, a lie, a spell weaved on you by those who deem themselves your better. These betters are morally bankrupt, without principle and fundamentally evil, but so long as we listen to them and fall for their tricks, they are, in fact, our betters; for they are leading us on a path and we are not resisting them in the least.

Of course we write blogs like this. We write and write. We talk and talk. We pontificate. We feel better about ourselves because we say words; but these words have no meaning, for we allowed those that we put into power to distill all meaning from those words. We speak the language of the Dead now, lies couched within lies couched within falsehoods couched within rhetoric. There is no value in our speech. We demand that it be ‘free’ because it has zero value at all, thus why should it not be free?

But the plan worked. Who came up with the plan? Wacky Jews? Illuminati? Bilderberg? Who cares. By the time anyone pins blame on any group, that person is looking at a shed skin. Perhaps one believes the Bible to be nothing but myth and the ramblings of Hebrews who stole from other cultures. Who cares. The fact remains that Lucifer as a snake is not without merit. For when we believe we have found the culprit, we have found no more than a shed skin. If Evil knows something better than we do, it is ourselves. The Devil did not make us do it, we agreed willingly. Thus pinning the blame is a zero sum exercise. As the old phrase goes, we have seen the enemy, and the enemy is us. We point fingers at everyone and thing except ourselves and thus the plan, whomever or however it all started, works: so long as most of us are willing to point fingers at everyone but ourselves, then fooling us is a piece of cheap cake.

Over the years, the freedom of the general public has been usurped time and again, with the same result: war. Eventually, our betters wised up. You can’t take freedom from the populous without a fight, thus freedom must be surrendered willingly.

And surrender it we did. For these days to cite any sort of plan by our betters is to be labeled a conspiracy theorist or likely something even worse. The general populous wishes to be lied to, thus it will attack anyone who reveals the lies. The First World desires, above all things, comfort. To attempt to take that comfort, no matter how false, how thinly disguised, is tantamount to upsetting the apple cart. Try and tell the populous that our ‘betters’ have nothing but our slavery in mind and one will find themselves at the mercy of snark, half-wit slogans about positivity, or the notion that, “Hey man, things aren’t that bad. Look at the facts!”

But the fact-believers are fetishists themselves, believing that any phrase that has the word “fact” in front of it has merit. These addicts will often in one breath decry the dishonesty of our modern world while in another breath citing the same lying Modernity’s nonsense as ‘facts.’ And to these fetishists, nothing with ‘fact’ in front of it could be anymore than just that. This is all the fact fetishist needs: a lie disguised as truth in order to cite this in an argument. The goal is anything in the world BUT truth. The goal is simple: I’m right, you’re wrong: here’s why. One can psychoanalyze it all day long but the simplicity of the issue is right there, for all to see, thus the denial. Humans do not enjoy seeing our lies revealed in such simplicity.

So the world grows more mad every day. And yet the First World rationalizes as it begins to burn down. There is no actual fire yet, but burn down it must. Because that which cannot continue forever will not, and this First World’s lies and deceit cannot. The laws of nature do not abide what we have become for very long. We knew this once. In previous cycles of history, we knew it then. But we are arrogant, egotistical, and bullheaded.

Thus the mad rule our world as the sane try their best to remain sane.